Occasions to wear full/ miniature medals

Posted on: November 26th, 2012 by ivoana

Here are occasions to wear medals, or miniature medals.

Wearing Full Medals:

01 Republic Day Parade.
02 Independence Day Function.
03 Serving Day.
04 Vijay Diwas.
05 Wreath Laying.
06 Reception at Rashtrapati Bhawan and Governor’s House.
07 Standard/Colour Presentation Parade/Functions.
08 Passing Out Parade.
09 Anniversary/Reunion Functions.
10 State of MilitaryFunerals.
11 When invited to any official function by any Embassy of High Commission.
12 At all Armed Forces functions including ex servicemen’s rallies or reunions.
13 When visiting any Military Headquarters on duty.

Wearing of Miniature Medals

1 While attending official and private functions such as Dinner, Cocktails, Lunches, Tea parties, Receptions etc.
2 Functions held in the Messes, Regimental Institutions in connections with Serving Day, Unit Anniversary andReunion.
3 When invited to any official function by any Embassy or High Commission.
4 Functions pertaining to Services including Ex-servicemen’s Rallies or Reunions.


(Contributed by Commodore Bhim Uppal, President IVOANA)

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